The Alternative Publishing project was part of 'Neogeography' on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Neogeography aimed to bring together creative practice and new technologies to improve community connection and develop new opportunities. It was a project of the Queensland Writers Centre and Sunshine Coast Regional Council with funding support from Arts Queensland and the Australia Council.

The website I developed as part of  the project provided a resource and encouragement for people in the Sunshine Coast community interested in getting their voices heard by self publishing - from simple zines, to YouTube videos, to  digital publishing opportunities. It was augmented by a series of workshops and a lecture series at Sunshine Coast libraries.

The project started before the advent of the i-pad and before e-readers were commonplace. The website included sections on how to publish e-books and zines, but technology moves at an incredible pace and the website was be archived in 2013. 

My interest in digital publishing comes as a natural progression from being an artist interested in the making of books. That interest led me to find out how e-books were made and to begin a voyage of exploration into the new possibilities for artist books and reading.

Alternative Publishing